Automatisch Grün überzieher Überziehschuhe Neu Wiederverwend

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Product Description

Color: Yellow, Green and Blue
Size: One size fit most
Length:about 43 cm/16.9''
Type: reusable automatic shoe covers
100% brand new and high quality.
Made of high quality material,waterproof and durable.
Without electricity, safe and environmentally friendly.
Anti-slip,durable quality construction with an overlock stitch and a safety stitch that will last.
Wide range of use- Ideally applies to household, office and machine room, and efficiently keeps the floor clean and neat where.
A safe way for people to cover their shoes without struggle,easy and convenient.Anti-slip design Keeps you safe even the floor is wet.
What's included :
1 Pair Reusable Shoe Covers 


Bedingung Nagelneu Ohne Umbauten 100% neu
Übergabezeit: 3 Arbeitstage
Lieferzeit: 3-5 Werktage
Andere Länder 10-15 Werktage

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